A B O U T   

Megan Parker is a Brooklyn-based (though Queens-born) designer & artist with a focus in spatial design & fiber arts. She holds a BFA in Scenic & Costume Design with a minor in Art History from Ithaca College. 

Megan currently works as a freelance designer & artisan in theater, film/tv, exhibitions, retail displays, and beyond with a focus on work that is immersive and experiential.

Outside of her professional work, Megan loves trying new vegan foods, sourcing salvage art supplies, and fussing over her modest plant collection. She has a fraternal twin sister whom she loves and adores.

Though endearingly humble, Megan is very proud of what she makes. You can check out more of her work at these accounts!

Etsy: Margo Made This 
Fiber Arts Instagram: @margo_made_it
Illustration Instagram: @margo_inked_it